Ellmi's secret

The current story

Every time he gets close to his goal, an obstacle appears in his path out of nowhere. This is what happened last time: Ellmi had already found the magic wand of light, and after goblin king Oslin opened his mysterious box with the moonstone at the big goblin festival, a strong thunderstorm suddenly erupted.

This thunderstorm was so strong that it hurled the iron kettle – which was actually intended for alpine rose tea – towards the goblin king like a sheet of paper. Ellmi bravely jumped in to save Oslin at the last second. He succeeded in saving him but suffered himself as a result.

Now with a broken leg, Ellmi really needs your help! And then there are Ibit and Nexa – these 2 goblins have found Ellmi’s behavior quite abnormal lately and have made his work even more difficult. But with a little luck and your help, these inhabitants of the magical world will discover a huge surprise at the end.

In addition, Ellmi is facing a difficult decision. This is where the new wishing tree in the magical meadow comes into play. You can also make a wish here, and maybe it will soon come true. Look forward to a new adventure in Ellmi‘s Magic World!

Directions to Ellmau

How to reach us

Despite being in a magical world, we unfortunately can't teleport you, but the way to Ellmau is easy to find - we promise! 



You can reach the Hartkaiserbahn lift in Ellmau easily by car. At the valley station, you will find plenty of parking spaces that can be used for free. An underground garage is also available for free.

A parking spot in the underground garage is reserved for guests of the Tirol Lodge!


Ellmau route planner


The nearest airports are located

  • in Innsbruck – ca. 1 hr. drive
  • in Salzburg – ca. 1 – 1.5 hr. drive
  • in Munich – ca. 1.5 hr. drive

Shuttle services are available at the airports – it is best to book your airport transfer in advance! You can find more information about this on the website of the respective airport.


Upon arrival, you can reach us by train via the Wörgl, Kufstein, or St. Johann train station in Tyrol. You can find schedules and connections on the website of the ÖBB.

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