Monday until Friday 07.01.23 - 28.01.23

Kaiserweeks in Ellmau

From January 7th until January 28th, 2023 the "Kaiserweeks in Ellmau" attract with a varied, complementary program. 
Not only the countless ski slopes are at their best at that time of the year, but also the special offers at the region Wilder Kaiser!
From the winter lama tour to the tobogganing fun, from ski guiding to the mountain doctor hike.

The Kaiserweeks Bonus Card is available upon presentation of a valid Wilder Kaiser Guest Card at the Wilder Kaiser Tourist Info.


Monday 9:00: Skiguiding Ellmau
Tuesday 14:00: Winter Lama Tour 
Wednesday 10:00: Winterwalk in Ellmau
  19:00: Tobogganing
Thursday 9:00: Bergdokter Winterwalk
  18:00: Cable car runs in the evening
  19:00: Laternwalk by night

9:00 Skiguiding Ellmau­­